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 The Pride of Hicksville

Game Summaries
8 year old crusaders undefeated with 2 games left to play
this team has been busy the last 4 weeks and here are the highlights
week 3 Sunday Sept 27th in the rain at Walker Field vs a tough Island Trees team.
Hicksville's defensive ends, Tyler Poelker and Alan Stupar turned most of the Island trees running backs into the heart of the Crusader defense. Anthony Squillacioti, CJ Adam, Anthony Cerrato, Brandon Lang and the rest of the D linemen Parker Chang, Jake Deakin, Matt Henderson, Christopher Lopus, Kyle Deakin, Dylan Ofrias, Brendan Pursoo, Ahmad Taitt along with linebackers James Morrisey, James Russo, Liam Lipien, cornerbacks Shane McBride, Nick Hagstram,  Nicky Scarpa, Jalen Rivers and safeties Cesar Adames, Tyler Brohan, Jon Scully, and Logan Kilmetis would finish them off indide. Island Trees would score twice and add the extra point both times.
The Crusader offense would get started when Jalen Rivers took the ball and cut behind the lead block of Anthony Squillacioti and race 55 yards for his first score of the day. Liam Lipien added the extra point running behind the right side of the Hicksville offensive line. Shane McBride started the next posession off with an 18 waggle and ran for 25 yards. 2 plays later Liam Lipien froze the defensive cornerback with a stutter-step and took it to the house for 6. The extra point was good. Brendan Pursoo's 15 yard run helped set up Rivers' second TD of the day when he took the ball to the left found the opening and sprinted for 6 pts. McBride added the extra point. The coaches want to wish Vincent Leonardi our best and get better soon. Vincent is out the rest of the season with a broken wrist.
week 4 Saturday Night Oct 3rd at home vs Elmont Cardinals
our offense's first drive went nowhere. The Crusader defense was up to the task and shut down the Elmont offense. Hicksville started their next drive with a 30 yard gain by Liam Lipien. James Russo broke loose on a 23 counter for 20 yards. On the next play Lipien would dance to the right and run 25 yards for the score. Shane McBride ran in for the extra point. Elmont was moving the ball and went for a pass on 4th down but Jon Scully was right there to break it up. Hicksville's next possession stalled and the ball went back over to Elmont. The Cardinals moved the ball down the field and then scored on a reverse around the right end. Their extra point was stopped by Christopher Lopus, Shane McBride, and Jalen Rivers. The Crusader offense would answer back. Brandon Lang took over on the ground rushing the ball in the middle. On a broken play QB Shane McBride was able to get outside and beat the Elmont defenders to the end zone, Jalen Rivers caught the pass from McBride for the extra point conversion. The defense was very stingy in this one goiving up only 6 points. Our rookie defenders would close the door on Elmont thanks to exciting play by Ahmad Taitt, Alen Stupar, Logan Kilmetis, Nick Hagstram, Tyler Brohan and Brendan Pursoo, Matt Henderson, Tyler Poelker, James Morrisey, Cesar Adames, and Nicky Scarpa.
week 5 Friday Night Oct 9th at Bellmore Braves
Hicksville's offensive line set the tone for this game from the opening drive. Nicky Scarpa stepped in at center and helped to push the Braves defense around. Brandon Lang took the load on his shoulders rushing for a tough 80 yards on the night,all in the middle behind Scarpa, Nick Hagstram, Anthony Squillacioti, CJ Adam, Anthony Cerrato, Kyle Deakin and Jalen Rivers. Liam Lipien scored the first touchdown on a sweep to the right on 4th down and 12 from the 25 yard line. Hicksville fumbled the ball away on their next posession. But on their following drive Jalen Rivers found a crease in the Bellmore defense and exploded thru for a touchdown from 40 yards out. Kyle Deakin was stopped on the extra point.
The entire team played defense and held the Braves scoreless. Congratulations  - CJ Adam, Anthony Cerrato, Jake Deakin, Kyle Deakin, Nicholas Hagstram, Matt Henderson, Brand Lang, Liam Lipien, Shane McBride, James Morrisey, Tyler Poelker, Jalen Rivers, James Russo, Nicky Scarpa, Jon Scully, Alen Stupar, Anthont Squillacioti, and Ahmad Taitt.
week 6 Sunday Oct 18th at East Rockaway Raiders
On another rainy game day on a soggy field the swarming Crusader defense held he home team scoreless. A great job by all who showed up to play including Anthony Squillacioti, Alen Stupar, Jon Scully, Nicky Scarpa, James Russo, Jalen Rivers, Tyler Poelker, James Morrisey, Shane McBride, Liam Lipien, Brandon Lang, Matt Henderson, Nick Hagstrom, Jake Deakin, Kyle Deakin, Parker Chang, Anthony Cerrato, Cesar Adames, and CJ Adam. on the offensive side of the ball Brandon Lang would carry the load rushing the ball in the first half. Lang scored the first touchdown from 4 yards out behind the big offensive line. The extra point was no good. The second score came from Liam Lipien on a sweep from the 10 yard line. The extra point again was no good. The running game fill the second half with carries by Anthony Cerrato, Anthony Squillacioti, CJ Adam, Tyler Poelker, James Morrisey, and Jon Scully.


hicksville's offensive line controled the game all day. This group led by center christopher lopus with guards anthony squillacioti and nicholas hagstram, tackles cj adam and anthony cerrato and ends kyle deakin and jalen rivers made it possible for the crusader running backs to rush for more than 100 yards on the day. The scoring sunday was started by jalen rivers on a sweep to the left for 20 yards, the extra point was no good. brendan pursoo scored on a tough 6 yard run up the middle. the extra point was good when QB shane mcbride rolled right and found jalen rivers in the back of the end zone for a pass. mcbride would score the third touchdown on a sweep to the left for 25 yards. james morissey ran the extra point in but a holding call brought the play back and the second attempt failed.
hicksville's defense, led this week by lopus, brandon lang and cerrato, held baldwin scoreless. these kids are starting to pull together and learning the thrill of gang tackling. anthony squillacioti and cj adam each came up with a fumble recovery and were supported by the rest of the defense including Vincent leonardi, tyler poelker, matthew henderson, nick scarpa, alen stupar, jon scully, cesar adames, amad taitt, logan kilmetis, tyler brohan, parker chang, jake deakin, liam lipien and james russo.


8 yr Old Crusaders open season with 13-6 win over Floral Park Titans Friday 9/12/09

On Saturday night in the rain Liam Lipien scored twice and James Russo added the extra point after the first score. The scoring was made possible by the offensive line - center Christopher Lopus, guards Anthony Squillacioti and Nicholas Hagstram, tackles CJ Adams and Anthony Cerrato and ends Jalen Rivers and Kyle Deakin. Late in the game on 4th down and 1 to go Shane McBride sealed the game with big gain on a QB sneak.

The defense gave up only one score and stopped the Titans extra point. The defense led by Brandon Lang played well and included Vincent Leonardi, Nick Scarpa, Tyler Poelker, Matthew Henderson, Cesar Adames, Amad Taitt, Alen Stupar, Jon Scully, Dylan Ofrias, James Morrisey, Logan Kilmetis, Jake Deakin, Parker Chang and Tyler Brohan.


8 Year Old Crusaders   Week 2 9/17/06

Congratulations to the Hicksville Crusaders 8 year old team on their first win of the season against the East Rockaway Raiders.  East Rockaway scored first, but the Crusaders defense was strong and was able to hold them from scoring the extra point. 

The first touchdown of the season was a handoff from Anthony Rolston to Michael McNamara, who ran over 40 yards for a touchdown.  The second touchdown was scored by Luke Walker, and a pass from the quarterback to Robert Schultz was completed for the extra point.  The Crusader defense was able to hold East Rockaway from scoring again and went on to victory 14 to 6.

8 Year Old Crusaders   Week 3 9/23/06

Congratulations to the 8 year old Crusader team - which consists of Joseph Barnet, Cameron Beale, Mario Cabrera, Robert Cabrera, Martin Eagan, Matthew Feaster, Christopher Lane, Ryan Longo, Jesse Martinez, Matthew McIlwee, Michael McNamara, Robert Nash, Robert Paradiso, Nicholas Pascucci, Joseph Roach, Anthony Rolston, Robert Schulz, Louis Stange, Louis Valetino, Luke Walker and Nicholas Young - for winning their second game of the season.  


Crusader defense came out strong and held the Titans from scoring on their first possession.  On the Crusader's first possession their offense also came out strong, and a handoff in the backfield from Quarterback Anthony Rolston to Joseph Barnet resulted in a 65 yard run for the first touchdown of the game.   The offense scored again when Michael McNamara ran over 45 yards for a touchdown.   In the second half, when the Crusaders were first and goal on the five in Titans' territory after a run by Joseph Barnet for over 45 yards, a pass to Robert Schulz was completed for the third touchdown of the game for the Crusaders.  The Crusaders' 18 to 0 victory over the Floral Park Titans brings their record to 2 and 1.


All the boys played great today and they should be proud of themselves.  Great Game Boys!!




Special thanks to All Our Cheerleaders.  Their enthusiastic cheers helped the boys and were most appreciated!!!



Submitted by: Rob Morrisey

 9 Year Old Crusaders Season Opener

            The 2006 season for the 9 year Old Crusaders Kicked off Sunday Sept. 10, 2006 with a big win over Long Beach, 13-6.  The Crusaders scored their first touchdown right before half time on a 60 yard run by RB Brian Lang.  Lang took the hand off from QB Dan Lembo in the backfield and out ran the Bulldogs defense to the outside and was on his way to the End Zone.  The Offensive Line of Emilio Miret, Tyler Panico, Michael Micallef, John Morrisey, Frank Terrasi, Michael Osmundsen, and Christopher Savva did an unbelievable job of blocking all game for the Running Backs. Midway through the 3rd quarter, Brian Lang broke free again with great blocks by the O line and lead running backs Brennan Ward and Dominic Calderin.  QB Dan Lembo hit TE Michael Osmundsen in the end zone with a perfect pass for the extra point to make it a 13 – 0 game.

            The Crusaders Defense led by Timmy Vlahos- Kitas kept the Bulldogs off the scoreboard until late in the 3rd quarter.  After Long Beach scored the Defense of Pat McDevitt, Jack McGovern, Ryan Kelly, Dylan MacDonald, Joe Epilone, Philip Grieser, Joe Fitzgerald, John Coppola, Kyle Carroll, Rich Tenreiro, Abdul Ford, Anthony Young, Brian Bell, Joe Filoteo, and Jimmy McCarthy shut down Long beach and kept them off the scoreboard to seal the victory.

Great Job boys, keep up the hard work! 

9 Year Old Crusaders   Week 2 9/17/06

             On Sunday Sept. 17, 2006 the 9 year old Crusaders dominated the Bellmore Braves on both sides of the ball to earn their 2nd victory in as many weeks, 19-7

The Crusaders Offense had the Braves Defense on the field for most of the game giving the Crusaders defense a well deserved rest.  The Offense led by QB Dan Lembo struck on the first series of the game with a 50 yard run by Dominic Calderin around the right end.  The Offensive Line (“The Hogs”) of Ryan Kelly, Tyler Panico, Michael Micallef, Frank Terrasi, John Morrisey, Dylan MacDonald, Emilio Miret, Michael Osmundsen, Christopher Savva, and Anthony Young did an outstanding job of opening holes all game for the running backs.  The Offense scored again in the 2nd quarter on a 25 yard run by RB Brennan Ward who made some great moves to find the end zone to make it 12-0.  At the start of the 3rd Quarter RB Brian Lang took a hand off around the right end 54 yards to the Braves 6 yard line.  On the next play Lang ran around the left side for 6 yards and the Touchdown.  Qb Dan Lembo connected with TE Michael Osmundsen on a QB option pass for the extra point to make it 19-0.

            The Defense was fired up for the game and was determined to stop the Braves Offense and they did a great job of it.  The Defense led by Timmy Vlahos-Kitas, Brian Bell, Brian Lang, Michael Osmundsen, Abdul Ford, Jack McGovern, Joe Epilone, Joe Filoteo, Pat McDevitt, Rich Tenreiro, Kyle Carroll, John Coppola, and Philip Greiser did a great job of stopping the Offense for 3 and a half quarters.  The braves Offense scored late in the fourth quarter to make it a 19-7 final.  After that score the defense did not give up another yard to the Braves Offense.

            You boys keep getting better and better each week, keep up the hard work at practice.  Congratulations on your 2nd win!!!

            Missing were Joe Fitzgerald (hurt ankle) and Jimmy McCarthy.  Get better soon Joe.

                                               9 Year Olds Win Another!


        On Wednesday night, 9/27/06, at John Walker Memorial Park the Crusaders took on the East Rockaway Raiders under the lights.   The Raiders started the game on Offense and kept the ball for most of the 1St quarter, but the Crusaders defense hung tough and got the ball back to the offense with no damage done on the scoreboard.   The offensive Line of Dylan MacDonald, Michael Millacef, Michael Osmundsen, John Morrisey, Frank terrasi, Ryan Kelly and Christopher Savva dominated the Raiders defensive line the entire game.  The Crusaders scored when RB Brian Lang took a hand off from QB Dan Lembo and followed the lead blocks of RBs Brennen Ward and Dominic Calderin to the end zone.  QB Dan Lembo hit TE Michael Osmundsen with a perfect pass for the extra point and the Crusaders were up 7-0.    A few possessions later QB Dan Lembo had two great runs to bring the ball to the 6 inch line of the Raiders end zone.  Brian Lang took a hand off up the middle on 4th and Inches for the 2nd score of the game.    The Defense of Jack McGovern, Abdul Ford, John Coppola, Rich Tenreiro, Brian Bell, Pat McDevitt, Tyler Panico, Timmy Vlahos-Kitas, Anthony Young, Jimmy McCarthy, Joe Filoteo, Philip Grieser, Joe Epilone and Kyle Carroll played their best game yet by keeping the Raiders off the scoreboard the entire game.  The Defense also came up with three big interceptions ( Brian Lang, Michael Osmundsen and Kyle Carroll) to help insure the victory.

        At the Start of the 3rd Quarter the Offense scored on a play that should be on ESPN greatest plays.  QB Dan Lembo handed off the ball to RB Brian Lang who faked a run around the right side and pulled up to  hit a wide open  Michael Osmundsen on the run with a 25 yard pass.  Osmundsen than ran 35 yards for the 3rd and final TD of the game.  QB Dan Lembo than connected on the extra point with a pass to his favorite receiver Michael Osmundsen for a 20-0 score.

       The coaches are all very proud of the players for the good sportsmanship that they have shown the opposing teams and for all their hard work.

        On behalf of the players and the coaches we would like to thank the Cheerleaders for all their support and great cheering.  Thank You girls, Great Job.           

                                        9 Year Olds Do It Again!

    On Sunday, 10/1/06, the 9 year olds had their toughest game of the season so far against a very good Farmingdale Hawks at Allen Park and came away with a big Victory in a nail biter of a game 20-19.  The Crusaders started the game on offense and could not get a good drive going right away.  The Offense had to punt the ball away to the Farmingdale Offense.  The Defense came out fired up and played that way stopping the Hawks to get the ball back to our offense.  The Offensive line was not going to deny our Running backs a chance to get in the end zone, so the line of Ryan Kelly, Dylan MacDonald, Frank Terrasi, Michael Micallef, John Morrisey, Michael Osmundsen and Christopher Savva provided the holes for RB  Brian Lang to score the 1st of his three touchdowns.  The extra point attempt was no good. 

     With about 2 minutes left before half time the Hawks tied the game  at 6 -6. The Crusaders got the ball back with less than two minutes to go and were determined to score before half time.  RB Brian Lang hit a wide open Michael Osmundsen with a 30 yard option pass to get to the 20 yard line.  Than Brennen Ward took a hand off and ran to the 10.  On the next play with great blocking by the “Hogs “and by the lead RBs’, Brian Lang scored his 2nd TD.  QB Dan Lembo  while under great pressure from the defenders hit TE Michael Osmundsen in the end zone for the extra point to make it a 13 – 6 game.  The Hawks got the ball back with about 40 seconds and had two time outs left and started to drive down the field and it look like they might score again.  The Crusaders Defense led by  Tyler Panico, Brian Bell, John Coppola, Abdul Ford, Jack McGovern, Joe Epilone, Rich TenreiroPat McDevitt, Emilio Miret, Anthony Young, Jimmy McCarthy,  Philip Grieser and  Joe Filoteo, would have none of that and they stopped the Hawks from driving any futher down field.

           After half time both the Crusaders and the Hawks offense stalled and turned the ball back over a couple of time until the Hawks scored midway through the 3rd quarter.  The Crusaders defense stepped up big by stopping the extra point to keep the score at 13 -12.  When the offense took over QB Dan Lembo hit RB Brennen Ward with an out pass for 25 yards.  Brennen had a great game with 6 rushes for 40 yards and 1 catch for 25.  RB Dominic Calderin ran the ball next for 8 yards and the offense was on the move again.  Dominic had 4 rushes for 18 yards and some great blocks.  A few plays later RB Brian Lang scored his 3rd TD of the game and also scored the extra point which turned out to be the game winning point.  With no time left on the clock the Hawks scored and also converted their extra point attempt to make it a 20 -19 game.  Both teams played a great game.  Again the boys showed a lot of class and good sportsmanship with this victory which now makes them 4-0, and puts them in 1st place.  Way to go boys!



11 Year Old Crusaders   Week 2 9/17/06

11yr. old Crusaders football team wins a nail biting defensive game. East Rockaway and Hicksville played 4 quarters of hard hitting football with the Crusaders coming out on top with an 8-7 victory. The 11yr. olds are now 1-1 and will be traveling to Floral Park for a 7:30 pm game on Saturday September 23.



11 Year Old Crusaders   Week 3 9/23/06


The eleven year-old Hicksville Crusaders traveled to Floral Park to play against the Titans. The Hicksville Crusaders dominated the game both offensively and defensively. The offense moved the ball both on the ground and through the air, due to great offensive line play. Touchdowns were scored by Brian Stone on a 10 yard run and Brian McPartland on a 22 yard run after catching a pass thrown by Steven Wasilewicz. Stone kicked the extra point, making the final score 14-0. Defense allowed only three first downs the entire game.  Defense recovered one fumble and Matt Demm had one interception.  Overall, a great game was played by the entire team. 
























1-2-3-Ohhhhh  Baby!



11 Year Old Crusaders   Week 6 10/15/06

Hicksville 11yr old Crusaders return home after 2 away games and a bye, with a big win over the Bellmore Braves 18-0. Hicksville defense played a very physical game, giving up only 1 first down. Defensive stand outs this week are Ronnie Bauer, Dominick Guidice, and Austin Quiroz. Offensively Steven Wasilewicz completed 4 out of 8 passes, touchdowns by Brian Stone and Brian Mcpartland gave the Crusaders their third win this season.

Good Game Crusaders!

 Team Schedules - 2013

For Directions to Field Locations, Please Click

 Date  Game  Time  Where/Directions
 Sunday Oct. 6  5/6 Year Olds VS Farmingdale B  09:00 AM  Home
   7/8 Year Olds VS Inwood  10:00 AM  Home
   9 Year Olds VS Long Beach A  10:30 AM  Long Beach MS
   10 Year Olds VS Baldwin A  09:00 AM  Coes Neck Park
   11 Year Olds VS Franklin A  11:30 PM Home
   12 Year Olds VS Seaford A  1:00 PM Home
 Sunday Oct. 13  5/6 Year Olds VS Hempstead A  12:30 PM   Lincoln Park
 7/8 Year Olds VS Oyster Bay A  10:00 AM  Oyster Bay
 9 Year Olds VS Rosedale A   09:00 AM  Home
   10 Year Olds VS Garden City B  10:30 AM  Home
 11 Year Olds VS Mineola  10:30 AM   Hampton
 Saturday Oct. 19  Picture Day  TBA  
 Sunday Oct. 20  5/6 Year Olds VS Belm  08:30 AM  New Bridge
   7/8 Year Olds VS Belm B  12:00 PM  New Bridge
   9 Year Olds VS Garden City A  09:00 AM  Home
   10 Year Olds VS Floral Park A  10:30 AM  Home
 11 Year Olds VS Elmont A  12:00 PM  Home
   12 Year Olds VS Farmingdale  03:30 PM  Allen Park
 Sunday Oct. 27  7/8 Year Olds Vs Floral Park A  09:00 AM  Home
   9 Year Olds VS Franklin Square A  10:30 AM  Home
   10 Year Olds VS Syosset A  12:00 PM  Home
   11 Year Olds VS Baldwin A  11:30 AM  Coes Neck
   12 Year Olds VS Inwood  01:30 PM  Lawrence HS
 Sunday Nov. 3  5/6 Year Olds VS Uniondale B  10:00 AM  Uniondale HS
   7/8 Year Olds VS Syosset  09:00 AM  Home
   9 Year Olds VS Hempstead A  10:30 AM  Home
   10 Year Olds VS Massapequa A  12:00 AM  Home
   11 Year Olds VS Long Beach  01:30 PM  Home
   12 Year Olds VS Massapequa  03:00 PM  Home
 Sunday Nov. 10  5/6 Year Olds VS Floral Park A  09:00 AM  Floral Park Pool
   12 Year Olds VS Seaford A  11:30 AM  Seaford

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